Health Consultation Package

Health coaching is a personal service, not unlike working with a therapist or trainer. My clients hire me to get the customized benefits and support of a professional.

I'll help you shift your behaviors and beliefs so you can finally be confident in your food choices, get healthy and be happy! By working together you'll get the tools, structure and accountability you need to make health a part of your life, not all of it.

Whether it's cravings, weight loss, fatigue, hormone balance, blood sugar, digestive issues, auto-immune issues or all and then some, you'll start making positive, lasting shifts from day one.

Four 60 minute sessions $350



Single Health Consultation

You've got questions, I've got answers. Sometimes you just have a question or ten questions and need an expert to give you those personalized answers.  

This 60 minute consultation is ideal for those who are motivated to make changes and are looking for clarity and direction regarding their health. After uncovering the trouble spots you will get solutions to take charge of your health again.

This is most beneficial for those who do not have any chronic health conditions or issues since those situations typically need more time and attention than one session can allow.

One 60 Minute Session $99



Sessions are currently done via phone or video call (I use Google Hangouts, you don't need to be a gmail member, I simply send you a link to click).


Still unsure if this is for you? Schedule a free phone session. 

Hey I get it, how do you know if I'll be able to help you? That's why I offer a free 30 min session. No strings attached! Just click here to get scheduled.



Lacey really knows the ins and outs of proper nutrition. She teaches healthy and sustainable habits that give the body its best chance of optimization.
— Steve G.
Lacey Maloney is a brilliant health coach. This week I’m learning about the effects of nutrition on hormonal balance. I feel a significant change over the last three weeks. Weight loss, increase in well-being, better appetite, fewer cravings. and better sleep. Best of all, I’m having fun. How’s that possible? Thank you so much!
— India H.
Lacey is so friendly and makes healthy living easy to understand and put into practice. She will help make changes in your routine that will sustain the long haul.
— Ellen S.
That was a really great session, this past week or so I have implemented the steps you gave me and guess what? The ice cream I purchased around the same time is still in my freezer. How crazy is that? I am kind of blown away at how quickly those sugar cravings went away.
— Julia T.