Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don't I just go to my doctor if I want to get healthy?

Most doctors do not have the time or resources at the ready to provide the accountability and guidance that a health coach can. For example, my own doctor at Evergreen Health in Redmond asked for my business cards. She recognizes that I offer a complimentary service. In some instances I will even work with your own doctor to coordinate a plan of action if needed.   

2. Will I have to start buying expensive food at Whole Pay Check?

Of course not. While I advocate for organic, non-gmo and low/no toxins in food and body care products, this isn't the only thing to focus on. Also you've probably noticed that more and more traditional brands and grocery stores are carrying healthier products without artificial flavors & colors or harmful preservatives. Some even have organic lines. Natural and organic foods usually have more health promoting ingredients and less (or none) of the artificial additives. And I have to say that while Whole Foods' own house brand, 365 Organic, offers really low prices on some of my favorite products you certainly don't have to shop there to get healthy. 

3. Will I have to start taking a bunch of vitamins?

As a former supplement buyer I know vitamins can have a place and they can also just be useless. It really depends on the person and the circumstance whether I will recommend a specific vitamin but rest assured I am not one for over-doing it with vitamins. I only use them to supplement or to meet sufficiency if/when regular food can't. Personally, I don't even take a multi-vitamin but I do take a food-based iron supplement to help me meet my needs. 

4. Your office hours don't work with my schedule, is there another option?

Yes! I also offer phone consultations. Those can be scheduled outside of my regular office hours. Just send me an email to schedule. hello @ (spaces added to prevent spam-trolls). You can also do one session in person at the office and the rest over the phone if that works for you. 

5. I want to get healthy but it's never worked before, can you really help me?

While I want to help everyone, I'll be honest, I can't make any guarantees. What I can guarantee is I'll do my best to address multiple aspects of your health including food, weight, stress, sleep, hormones, fitness, etc to help you reach your goals. If you sign-up for a package and decide it's not working for you, you can cancel at anytime, Also, I do provide a free, no-strings-attached 30 minute session so you can get a sense of how I operate and see if we're a good fit. 


Sorry, I'm not currently seeing clients at this time.

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