Lazy Keto A-Z Masterclass


Discover the easiest way to be healthy, happy, lose weight and have so much energy you out-play your dogs at the park... all while eating bacon and butter!


In the Lazy Keto A-Z Masterclass we'll cover everything

From: Can I drink Alcohol? 

To: Can I use Xylitol? (not technically a Z but at least it's pronounced like it)

> To everything else you need to know about going KETO using a whole foods, practical lifestyle approach (just like I did)


You'll Also Learn:

  • What exactly a ketogenic diet is and why in the heck someone would go on this diet - who hates diets... and will never diet again --  Me! 

  • The science behind burning body fat while eating fat!

  • Learn why your body stops responding to typical low-fat diets and how a keto diet, one that's high in fat, can wake-up your metabolism... all while not starving yourself or feeling hungry!

  • How a keto diet balances hormones and eliminates sugar cravings

  • Why keto can be great for heart health and reducing inflammation

  • The differences between a Ketogenic Diet and the Atkins or South Beach Diets

  • What to avoid while on keto, what to look out for and how to tell if you're doing it right! 


And Bacon Bacon Bacon...

  • Do you really get to eat bacon?

  • How much bacon?

  • Isn't that kinda crazy?

  • How do you cook it?

  • Can you ever have too much bacon?

Okay fine... there's more to Keto than bacon -or is there??? (jk!)

  • You can even do keto and be vegetarian/vegan!


You'll not only get the Why and How of Keto, you'll also get the Lazy Keto Tools for doing it successfully:

  • Like how to start your day - with or without bacon

  • How to make your morning cuppa joe Rocket Fuel to keep you satisfied and energized until lunch, even on decaf!  

  • Quick and easy recipe resources 

  • Simple changes to make to your existing go-to recipes keto-friendly



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About Me: Lacey Maloney

Me, glowing after doing a Health Talk, and unexpectedly running into some very cool Simpson wall art! 

Me, glowing after doing a Health Talk, and unexpectedly running into some very cool Simpson wall art! 

I'm a long-time Health Coach and new-found keto-er. I fell in love with the ketogenic lifestyle in January 2017 when I learned about a little spoken of fuel source called ketones.

You see, the body has 2 different types of fuel sources, glucose which comes from sugar or ketones which come from fat.

When you fuel your body with ketones (fat) your body will then burn body fat much more easily!

Not only are there weight loss benefits but I've stuck with it because I feel amazing, have more mental clarity and energy and it saves me money at the store!!! I don't buy that much food anymore!  

You can read more about me here

Psst: I'm not part of any MLM and I don't sell supplements or shakes or keto stuff. This keto plan is purely food based, though I may recommend some supplements like magnesium, etc.